Potato Salad with Fine Herbs

Salade de Pommes de Terre aux fines Herbes


Cut three or four cold boiled potatoes in little dice shapes and mix them with one tablespoonful of thick mayonnaise sauce, a teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar, one tablespoonful of thickly whipped cream, one eschalot chopped fine, and one teaspoonful of chopped tarragon and parsley mixed together; pick the leaves from some nice crisp fresh watercress, and leave them in cold water till wanted, then shake the water from them and sprinkle them with salad oil, tarragon vinegar, and a little salt; cut some peeled cucumber in Julienne shreds, and season this in the same way as the cress; place the potato mixture, as above, in the centre of the dish, and arrange little bunches of the cress and the cucumber round. This is a nice salad for luncheon or second course.