French Beans à la Hâte

Haricots verts à la Hâte


Take one and a half to two pounds of perfectly fresh gathered French beans, string and cut them into little dice shapes, wash them in clean cold water, and then put them into a stewpan in which there is plenty of boiling water; season with a little salt and a tiny piece of soda, and boil them very quickly for about fifteen minutes and then strain them off. Take one large onion, chop it up small, put it to blanch, strain it off, and put it into a sauté pan with two ounces of fresh warm butter, one chopped bayleaf, a sprig of thyme, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, and season with a little salt; fry together for about fifteen minutes without discolouring, add a tablespoonful of French tarragon vinegar, the same of white wine, a gill of cream, and one ounce of butter that is mixed till quite smooth with one ounce of flour; stir all together again over the fire till the mixture boils, then add the cooked beans, and turn out on a hot dish and serve with a few little bunches of any kind of cooked game or poultry livers that have been rubbed through a wire sieve and then warmed between two plates over hot water.