Braised Celery

Céleri braisé sur Croûtes


Well wash and trim the heads of celery and leave them in cold water for one or two hours, then tie them up with string and put them in a stewpan with cold water sufficient to cover them; bring to the boil, then wash them in cold water. Put a little butter in a stewpan with a few sliced vegetables, such as carrot, onion, and a very little turnip, and place the celery on the top; cover over with a buttered paper, and fry gently for about fifteen minutes; add about one and a half pints of stock; let the celery braise steadily on the stove for about two and a half hours, adding more stock as that in the pan reduces; when cooked take up and split the heads into quarters, and flatten them out with a knife; dish on fried croûtons cut in kite shapes, lightly glaze over, and dish up like cutlets, Strain the gravy in which the celery was cooked, remove the fat, boil up, and serve round the celery.