Onions Farced à la Banville

Oignons farcis à la Banville


Blanch some peeled medium sized Spanish onions and put them in a saucepan with enough light stock to cover them, and boil them till tender; take them up and stamp out the insides, as if coring them, with a plain round cutter about one to one and a half inches in diameter; fill up the insides of the onions with a farce prepared as below, and then sprinkle them over with flour and egg, breadcrumb them, and fry them in clean boiling fat for about ten minutes. Bub the pieces that were taken from the centres of the onion through a wire sieve, and add a pat of butter, a little pepper and salt, two raw yolks of eggs, four tablespoonfuls of cream or milk, and stir together in the bain marie till the mixture thickens, then turn it out on to a hot dish; place the onions on the top of this purée, and serve at once. Use the stock these were cooked in for soup purposes.

For farcing six onions, take six blanched game or poultry livers, remove the gall from them, and chop them up very fine; mix them with two chopped eschalots and a quarter of a pound of chopped up cooked white meat, such as rabbit, chicken, veal or pork, four raw chopped button mushrooms, a tablespoonful of finely chopped herbs, and a little pepper and salt; put all these into a sauté pan and sauté for about five minutes, then mix with two ounces of freshly made white breadcrumbs and one whole egg, mix up together, and use. This would be sufficient to serve for twelve people.