Fritot of Onions in Slices

Fritot d’Oignons en Tranches


Peel and blanch some large onions, drain them and cut them in slices about one eighth to one quarter of an inch thick, place these in a sauté pan with a little warm butter, taking care to keep the slices perfect, season them with chopped parsley, pepper and salt, cover them with a greased paper, and put them in a very moderate oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then take them up separately with a palette knife and dip them into frying batter and drop into clean boiling fat and fry till a pretty golden colour; dish on a hot dish and garnish with fried parsley in the four corners of the dish. Put the liquor in which these were drawn down into a stewpan and add to it the strained juice of one lemon, a tablespoonful of cream, two raw yolks of eggs, and stir these all together in the bain marie till the sauce thickens, then wring it through the tammy, add a little chopped parsley, and pour over the onions and serve.