Braised Carrots

Carottes braisées


Have some peeled carrots cut either in rounds with a cutter or in small kite shapes, using only the red parts; when they are trimmed put them in a stewpan with cold water and a pinch of salt, let the water come to the boil, strain off and wash and dry them. Put two ounces of butter in a stewpan, and when it melts put in a pint of the cut carrots, let them fry a nice golden colour, add about a quarter of a pint of good brown stock and braise on the side of the stove with a buttered paper over them and keep well basted for about an hour. As the gravy reduces add a little more (it will take a pint of gravy to cook them), and when the carrots are cooked the gravy should present the appearance of a nice glaze; free the gravy from fat, add a pinch of sugar and use. Dish up in a pile.

The gravy from the carrots should be enough to serve as sauce with a joint without further liquor, and should it be very strong, add a little stock.