Parsnips à la Hamelin

Panais à la Hamelin


Take say three nice full grown parsnips, peel and well wash them, then scrape well, and cut up all the outside part in slices, and put these into a stewpan; to one pound of the parsnip thus prepared, mix with half a pint of cream half a pint of thick Bechamel and a large onion peeled and chopped up fine, season with a little salt and white pepper, stir till it boils, then stand the pan on the side of the stove, and let it boil for about twenty-five to thirty minutes; fry together two ounces of butter and one ounce of fine flour without discolouring, and stir it into the purée till it boils; then rub through a wire sieve, re-warm in the bain marie, and dish it up on a hot dish in a pile and pour all over it a pint of green peas cooked as in recipe ‘Green Peas with Butter.’