Asparagus Ragoût à la Colbert

Ragoût d’Asperges à la Colbert


Cleanse three or four dozen sticks of asparagus, cut off the tops, and keep in cold water till required, boil them plainly for about fifteen to twenty minutes; strain them and pour a little warm butter over them. Take one lettuce and one head of endive, and let them remain in cold water till quite crisp, wash and dry them well by shaking them in a clean cloth, put them into a stewpan with two ounces of butter, a bunch of herbs (bayleaf, thyme, parsley), a handful of well washed and dried sorrel, two finely chopped eschalots, and the stalks of the asparagus; cover the pan over and let these ingredients draw down on the side of the stove for fifteen to twenty minutes; then add two ounces of Brown and Polson’s cornflour and half a pint of thick tomato sauce and cook the whole over the stove for twenty-five minutes, occasionally stirring it; rub it through a fine sieve and put it in the bain marie to get hot; dish it up and garnish round it with poached eggs and the points of asparagus. This is an excellent second course or luncheon dish; for a dinner of eight to ten persons the above will be sufficient without game or poultry for the second course disk.