Asparagus à la Crème

Asperges à la Crème


Take some nice fresh asparagus, cleanse it, and trim all, the sticks evenly, then tie it up and put it into boiling water with a little salt, and let it boil for about ten minutes; take it up and put the asparagus into a stewpan with about one pint of new milk, one large finely minced onion, a bunch of herbs, and a very finely minced, fresh, well washed lettuce; cook together for about twenty minutes, then take up the asparagus, and add to the mixture in the stewpan two ounces of butter and the same of fine flour that have been fried together for about ten minutes but not discoloured; stir together till it boils, then add a gill of thick cream mixed with three raw yolks of eggs and the juice of a lemon, stir this all together over the fire till the mixture thickens, then rub it all through the tammy and make it hot again in the bain marie, place the asparagus on a slice of buttered toast or on a crouton of fried bread, and pour the prepared sauce all over it and serve at once while very hot.