Egg Plants Farced

Aubergines farcies


Divide the egg plant lengthways, make four or five incisions in the inner side of each half, taking care not to cut the skin, sprinkle with salt and soak in water for about an hour; press out all the water and scoop out the centres, and put the plant in a sauté pan with two tablespoonfuls of olive oil. Chop up the centres with a little salt and pepper, very little thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, and a fresh mushroom washed and pressed; put a teaspoonful of olive oil into a stewpan, add tlie chopped ingredients, fry all together for six or eight minutes, add enough brown sauce to moisten the whole; place some of this mixture into the hollow halves of the plant, sprinkle over with browned breadcrumbs, cook in the oven on a tin for about fifteen minutes, serve on croûtons cut in flat pear shapes, about two and a half inches long and hollowed out to hold the egg plant steady. This may be used for second course or luncheon dish.