Cauliflowers à la Kahlenberg

Choux-fleurs à la Kahlenberg


Trim, and then put the cauliflowers in cold water with a good piece of salt, let them lie in the water for an hour if possible, then put to blanch in cold water with a little salt. When they come to the boil wash them in cold water and then put them in plenty of boiling water with a little salt, cook gently till tender. Always leave the stalks long and nicely trimmed. When the cauliflowers are cooked drain them, and if large they will cut into six pieces. Cut them lengthwise through the stalks and then dish them round the dish and pour a nice creamy Bechamel sauce over, then sprinkle over with cooked carrot and turnip and picked and blanched parsley. Have the carrot and turnip cut in Julienne shapes about one inch long, put these to blanch with cold water and a pinch of salt, and when they come to the boil strain and pour a little cold water over. Put them in boiling water and a little salt to boil until tender, then strain and have a little pat of fresh butter just warmed and mix the vegetables in it. Have the parsley picked in tiny leaves and put it in cold water with a tiny pinch of soda and salt, when it comes to the boil strain it off and leave in cold water till wanted.