Little Russian Cakes

Petits Gâteaux à la Russe


Put seven ounces of butter in a basin and beat it till of a creamy consistency, add the finely chopped peel of a lemon, six or eight drops of vanilla essence, six ounces of castor sugar, and work together for eight to ten minutes; then add by degrees six ounces of fine flour which have been passed through a sieve and three whole eggs, and work again for six or eight minutes, then mix in three ounces of dried cherries that have been shredded and three ounces of Valencia almonds, blanched, skinned, and shredded. Brush over a baking tin or sauté pan with warm butter, and then paper it with buttered kitchen or foolscap paper and pour in the mixture to about one inch thick, and bake it in a moderate oven for about half an hour; when cooked, turn it out on to a pastry rack or sieve and let it get cold; then cut it out in any fancy shapes, and glaze them over with maraschino glace and ornament them with shredded almonds and shredded pistachio.

This same cake mixture can be baked in any fancy cake mould if preferred.