Straws with Bloater Paste

Pailles au Crème de Hareng


Take a quarter of a pound of fine flour and rub into it, till quite smooth, two ounces of Bloater Paste, add to it a dust of cayenne pepper, and mix it with not quite a gill of cold water and make it into a paste; roll this out into a round about the size of a small teaplate and then place in the centre of it a quarter of a pound of butter, fold it up and proceed with it as if making puff paste, giving it six turns, and when the turning is completed roll it out about an eighth of an inch thick and cut it in strips two inches long and one inch wide, place these pieces on a wetted baking tin and bake in a moderate oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. The pieces should be perfectly crisp when cooked. Then spread over each piece a thin layer of the Bloater Paste, and on this by means of a forcing bag and little rose pipe arrange a little savoury cream prepared as below in any pretty design, and sprinkle over a little chopped parsley and dish on a dish-paper and serve. These are excellent for a savoury or for any cold collation.