Cocoa-Nut Soup


  • Veal stock, gravy-soup, or broth, 5 pints
  • grated cocoa-nut, 5 oz.: 1 hour.
  • Flour of rice, 5 oz.
  • mace, ½ teaspoonful
  • little cayenne and salt
  • mixed with ¼ pint of cream: 10 minutes. or: gravy-soup, or good beef broth, 5 pints: 1 hour.
  • Rice flour, 5 oz.
  • soy and lemon-juice each 1 tablespoonful
  • finely pounded sugar, 1 oz.
  • cayenne, ¼ teaspoonful
  • sherry, 2 glassesful.


Pare the dark rind from a very fresh cocoa-nut, and grate it down small on an exceedingly clean, bright grater; weigh it, and allow two ounces for each quart of soup. Simmer it gently for one hour in the stock, which should then be strained closely from it, and thickened for table.

Obs.—When either cream or wine is objected to for these soups, a half-pint of the stock should be reserved to mix the thickening with.