Hot Horseradish Sauce

To serve with boiled or stewed meat or fish


  • Horseradish, grated, 3 oz.
  • brown gravy, ½ pint
  • made mustard, 1 teaspoon
  • eschalot or garlic vinegar, 1 dessertspoonful (or chili vinegar, the same quantity, or common vinegar twice as much).


Mix three ounces of young tender grated horseradish with half a pint of good brown gravy, and let it stand by the side of the fire until it is on the point of boiling; add salt if required, a teaspoonful of male mustard, and a dessertspoonful of garlic or of eschalot vinegar; or the same quantity of chili vinegar, or twice as much common vinegar.

Some cooks stew the horseradish in vinegar for ten minutes, and, after having drained it from this, mix it with nearly half a pint of thick melted butter.