To Steam a Pudding in a Common Stewpan or Saucepan


Butter and fill the mould or basin as usual; tie over it, first, a well-buttered paper, and then a thin floured cloth or muslin, which should be quite small; gather up and tie the corners, and be careful that no part of it, or of the paper, reaches to the water; pour in from two to three inches depth of this, according to the height of the mould, and when it boils put in the pudding, and press the cover of the stewpan closely on; then boil it gently without ceasing until it is done. This is the safer method of boiling all puddings made with polenta, or with the American flour of maize; as well as many others of the custard kind, which are easily spoiled by the admission of water to them. As the evaporation diminishes that in the saucepan, more, ready-boiling, must be added if necessary; and be poured carefully down the side of the pan without touching the pudding.