Pine-Apple Pudding-Sauce

5 minutes.


  • Rasped pine-apple, 6 oz.
  • water, 2 tablespoonsful: 10 to 15 minutes gentle stewing.
  • Sugar, 4 oz.


Rasp down on a fine bright grater sufficient of the flesh of a ripe Jamaica or English pine-apple from which the rind has been thickly pared, to make the quantity of sauce required. Simmer it quite tender, with a very small quantity of water; then mix with it by degrees from half to three-quarters of its weight of sugar, give it five minutes more of gentle boiling, and pour it over the pudding.

A finer sauce may be made with half a pound of the pine first simmered tender in its own juice, and one tablespoonful only of water, and then mixed with seven ounces of sifted sugar, and boiled gently until it looks clear. If too sweet, the strained juice of half a large sized lemon may be stirred to it before it is served, but a certain weight of sugar is required to make it appear bright. This preparation may be kept for some time, and warmed afresh for table when needed.