A Cabinet Pudding

steamed, or boiled, 1 hour.


  • Jar raisins, or Dried cherries, 3 dozens (quart mould or basin)
  • sponge biscuits, 3
  • macaroons, 4
  • ratifias, 2 oz.
  • candied citron, oz.
  • yolks of 4 eggs, whites of 3
  • new milk, ½ pint
  • cream, ½ pint
  • sugar, oz.


Split and stone three dozens of fine jar raisins, or take an equal number of dried cherries, and place either of them regularly in a sort of pattern, in a thickly-buttered plain quart mould or basin; next, slice and lay into it three penny sponge-cakes; add to these two ounces of ratifias, four macaroons, an ounce and a half of candied citron sliced thin, the yolks of four eggs with the whites of three only, thoroughly whisked, mixed with half a pint of new milk, then strained to half a pint of sweet cream, and sweetened with two ounces and a half of pounded sugar: these ought to fill the mould exactly. Steam the pudding, or boil it very gently for one hour; let it stand a few minutes before it is dished, that it may not break; and serve it with good wine or brandy sauce.

Obs.—We have given this receipt, for which we are indebted to a friend, without any variation from the original, because on testing it we have found it very exact with regard to quantity and time; but though an extremely delicate and excellent pudding, a little flavouring would, we think, improve it: a small portion of the milk may be omitted, and its place supplied by ratifia, lemon-brandy, or aught else that is preferred.