A Good Boiled Rice Pudding

boiled 1 hour.


  • whole rice, oz.
  • new milk (or cocoa-nut-flavoured milk), pint
  • sugar, 3 to 4 oz.
  • salt, a few grains; bitter almonds, 4 to 6 rind of ½ lemon
  • eggs, 4


Swell gradually,* and boil until quite soft and thick, four ounces and a half of whole rice in a pint and a half of new milk; sweeten them with from three to four ounces of sugar, broken small, and stir to them while they are still quite hot, the grated rind of half a large lemon, four or five bitter almonds, pounded to a paste, and four large well-whisked eggs; let the mixture cool, and then pour it into a thickly-buttered basin, or mould, which should be quite full; tie a buttered paper and a floured cloth over it, and boil the pudding exactly an hour; let it stand for two or three minutes before it is turned out, and serve it with sweet sauce, fruit syrup, or a compôte of fresh fruit. An ounce and a half of candied orange-rind will improve it much, and a couple of ounces of butter may be added to enrich it, when the receipt without is considered too simple. It is excellent when made with milk highly flavoured with cocoa-nut, or with vanilla.

* That is to say, put the rice into the milk while cold, heat it slowly, and let it only simmer until it is done.