Good Common Blanc-Mange, or Blanc-Manger

Author’s Receipt

Blamange or Cake Mould.


  • New milk, pint
  • rind of lemon, ½ large or whole small
  • bitter almonds, 8; infuse 1 hour.
  • Sugar, 2 to 3 oz.
  • isinglass, oz.: 10 minutes.
  • Cream, ½ pint
  • brandy, 1 wineglassful.


Infuse for an hour in a pint and a half of new milk the very thin rind of one small, or of half a large lemon and four or five bitter almonds, blanched and bruised,* then add two ounces of sugar, or rather more for persons who like the blanc-mange very sweet, and an ounce and a half of isinglass. Boil them gently over a clear fire, stirring them often until this last is dissolved; take off the scum, stir in half a pint, or rather more, of rich cream, and strain the blanc-mange into a bowl; it should be moved gently with a spoon until nearly cold to prevent the cream from settling on the surface. Before it is moulded, mix with it by degrees a wineglassful of brandy.

* These should always be very sparingly used.