Quince or Apple Custards


  • Prepared apple-juice, 1 pint
  • lemon-juice, 1 tablespoonful
  • sugar, 4 to 6 oz.
  • eggs, 8. Quince custards, same proportions, but no lemon-juice.


Add to a pint of apple-juice prepared as for jelly, a tablespoonful of strained lemon-juice, and from four to six ounces of sugar according to the acidity of the fruit; stir these boiling, quickly, and in small portions, to eight well-beaten eggs, and thicken the custard in a jug placed in a pan of boiling water, in the usual manner. A larger proportion of lemon-juice and a high flavouring of a rind can be given when approved. For quince custards, which if well made are excellent, observe the same directions as for the apple, but omit the lemon-juice. As we have before observed, all custards are much finer when made with the yolks only of the eggs, of which the number must be increased nearly half, when this is done.

Obs.β€”In making lemon-creams the apple-juice may be substituted very advantageously for water, without varying the receipt in other respects.