The Perfect Spanish Omelette

Eggs and potatoes are all you need for this substantial dish.


You Need

  • To make a six-egg omelette, as well as the eggs, one large potato, peeled and diced, and a little olive oil for frying; the oil adds flavour even if you use a non-stick pan. Use a small, heavy frying pan, non-stick or well seasoned, and no more than 20cm (8 inches) in diameter, to give the characteristic thick cake shape.


You can cook the potatoes completely in the frying pan, which requires more attention to ensure that they cook through but do not burn. Or you can parboil them first. Fry the potatoes until tender and golden brown. Beat, but do not overbeat, the eggs and pour them onto the potatoes. As the eggs begin to set, draw the edges of the omelette to the centre, letting the uncooked egg slide underneath. Do not have the heat too high, or the underside will burn before the eggs set. Once the omelette is beginning to firm up, draw the edges again towards the middle, as this will give a neat finish to the tortilla once you turn it. Put a plate over the pan, tip it upside down and catch the omelette on the plate.

Wipe out the pan if there are any dribbles and put it back on the heat with a little more oil. Slide the omelette back in the pan, cooked side upper-most, and finish cooking for a minute or two more. The omelette should be well set when you slide it out onto a serving plate.


As a starter, as part of a buffet, or best of all, cut into squares, spiked with a cocktail stick, as a tapa to accompany a copita of chilled fino sherry. It tastes best served warm and freshly cooked, or at room temperature.