The Perfect Fish Cake


You Need

  • For each fish cake, equal proportions of flaked fish and dry mashed potatoes, quantities according to your appetite. There is no mystery to it. And there is no virtue in making it with anything other than cod or haddock. Salmon fish cakes are positively boring. And there is nothing to be gained by using more fish than potato. You also need salt and pepper for seasoning, flour or breadcrumbs for coating and olive oil for frying.


Mix fish and potato together in a bowl, and, if you wish, add some very finely chopped fresh parsley with the seasoning. Shape first into a ball, and then flatten to a cake. Dip in bread-crumbs, if you like, or flour. Heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a small frying pan, and gently lower in the fish cake. Fry until golden, and then turn it over carefully, and fry the other side until crusty and golden.

To Serve

Tomato sauce, pesto, parsley or egg sauce, tartare sauce, mango chutney, or what you will.