The Perfect Sole à la Meunière

This might sound like a fancy French recipe, but it is an extremely simple dish to cook, and relies more on good ingredients than intricate techniques. Who knows if the dish was indeed first cooked by a miller’s wife whose hands were still floury when her husband brought home some fresh sole?


You Need

  • For 2 people, 2 Dover soles, skinned, cleaned and trimmed, salt, some milk in a soup plate, plain flour in another, freshly ground pepper, unsalted or clarified butter for frying, some parsley or chervil and wedges of lemon.


Season the fish with salt, dip in the milk, then in the flour, coating them well. Season lightly with pepper. Have the butter melted and hot, but not burning, in a frying pan, and fry the fish on both sides until done to your liking.

To Serve

The sole on heated plates with the butter poured over it, some chopped herbs and the lemon.


This is not an easy dish to cook for more than two people unless you have several frying pans, an otherwise unoccupied stove top, and some help in the kitchen for dishing up.