Cherries in Red Wine Jelly


  • 3 leaves or 3 teaspoons gelatine
  • 450 mls (¾ pint) good dry red wine
  • 250 g (½ lb) stoned sweet cherries sugar to taste


Soften the gelatine in 150 mls (¼ pint) of the red wine. Put the cherries and remaining wine in a saucepan, and bring gently just to simmering point. Remove from the heat and strain the hot juices over the gelatine. Stir until the gelatine has dissolved. Sweeten the liquid to taste. Wet a 500 g (1 lb) loaf tin or jelly mould and put in the cherries. Pour on the liquid, and when cold, refrigerate until set. Turn out of the mould and serve.