Steak Tartare for Two

For the next recipe I usually buy a tail-end piece of fillet steak, less expensive than the thick end of the fillet. Finely chop or mince it rather than using the food processor, as this produces a better texture.


  • 300-400 g (10-14 oz) well-trimmed steak, finely chopped
  • 2 free-range egg yolks
  • additional flavours, to taste – finely chopped shallots, parsley, capers, gherkins, salt, freshly ground black pepper, Worcester sauce


Mix the steak with one egg yolk per person, and then, if you are following tradition, the shallots, parsley, capers and gherkins. The mixture is then seasoned and shaped into two patties or mounds. I prefer to leave out the gherkins, and I use a very light hand with the Worcester sauce.

Fresh toast is the traditional accompaniment, although in Brussels and Paris it is usually served with a heap of frites.