The Perfect Prawn Cocktail

Some like their prawn cocktails made with jumbo shrimps from tropical waters, but for sweet, fresh juiciness Greenland prawns are hard to beat; shell them or buy them shell-off.


    You Need

  • For each person, some iceberg lettuce or some small peppery salad leaves, 2-3 heaped tablespoons shelled North Sea prawns, a little vodka, tomato juice, grated horseradish, freshly ground pepper, Tabasco, squeeze of lime, lime zest and a martini glass.


Shred the iceberg and put it or the other salad leaves in the bottom of the martini glass. Heap the prawns on top, draining the juice into a small jug. To it add the vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, pepper, Tabasco and lime juice to taste, whisk and pour over the prawns.

To Serve

Garnish with a twist of lime and serve your prawn cocktail, or seafood martini, with a dash of pride and a hint of irony.