The Perfect Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is only worth making for the few weeks of summer when the sun has had a chance to give the fruit some flavour. Even then, tomato is so acid that you need to add other ingredients to temper this. Soup made only of tomatoes is not very good.


    You Need

  • For 4 people, an onion, a carrot, a medium potato and 1 or 2 celery stalks, olive oil. up to a kilo (2 lbs) of ripe, sweet tomatoes, salt and pepper, a generous handful of lovage, or, failing that, some sprigs of basil or tarragon, and milk.


Peel and dice the vegetables (not the tomatoes) and fry them gently in a tablespoon or so of olive oil until the onion is translucent and golden, and the rest of the vegetables soft.

Add 2-3 tablespoons of water if necessary, to stop them burning. Add the tomatoes, roughly chopped, and simmer, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes. Season lightly and stir in the herbs. Add about 200 mls (7 oz) milk and blend the soup until smooth. Sieve and return it to the saucepan. Reheat and adjust the seasoning before serving.


Instead of herbs, add cumin and cardamom, and replace the milk with coconut milk.