New England Boiled Dinner



U.S. Metric Ingredients
2 lb 12 oz 1.4 kg Corned beef brisket
1 heads 1 heads Green cabbage
1 lb 500 g Turnips
1 lb 500 g Carrots
24 24 Pearl onions
16 16 Baby beets
16 16 Small red-skinned potatoes
as needed as needed Horseradish Sauce or prepared horseradish



  1. Trim excess fat from corned beef if necessary.
  2. Place the beef in a stockpot or steam kettle. Cover with cold water.
  3. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer. Simmer until the meat feels tender when pierced with a fork. Cooking time will be 2–3 hours.
  4. To hold and serve hot, place the cooked meat in a steam-table pan and add some of the cooking liquid to keep it moist.
  5. Prepare the vegetables: Cut each cabbage into 8 wedges; pare the turnips and carrots and cut them into serving-size pieces; peel the onions; scrub the beets and potatoes.
  6. Cook the cabbage, turnips, carrots, onions, and potatoes separately in a little of the beef cooking liquid.
  7. Steam the beets, then peel them.
  8. To serve, cut the meat across the grain into slices, holding the knife at an angle to get broader slices. Serve with horseradish sauce or prepared horseradish.

Per serving: Calories, 700; Protein, 35 g; Fat, 26 g (46% cal.); Cholesterol, 75 mg; Carbohydrates, 81 g; Fiber, 17 g; Sodium, 2240 mg.


To serve the corned beef cold, cool the beef in some of its cooking liquid, to keep it moist, in a cold-water bath. When cool, remove from the liquid and refrigerate, covered. Cold corned beef may be reheated in its cooking liquid.