Frittata con Fiori di Zucca

Omelette with Courgette Flowers

In peasant cooking, nothing is ever wasted and the flowers of the courgette plant are deliciously sweet and tasty.


  • 400 g (13 oz) courgette flowers with stalks and pistils
  • lemon juice
  • plain flour
  • olive oil
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • salt and pepper


Soak the flowers in lemon-flavoured water for 30 minutes, then gently shake out all the excess water and dry them very gently. Remove the stalks and pistils carefully and set the flowers aside on kitchen paper to finish drying. Dip the flowers in flour.

Pour enough oil into a heavy omelette pan to come to a depth of about 4 cm ( inches) and heat until sizzling. Add the flowers in batches and fry until golden and crisp on all sides. Spoon out most of the oil and return all the flowers to the pan.

Season the beaten eggs, with salt and pepper, then pour them over all the flowers. Cook the omelette until the underneath is golden. Turn it out on to a plate or lid. Slide it back into the pan the other way up and cook until the other side is golden.