Making Caramel Crowns or Cages


Follow the directions for spun sugar above.

The only difference between a crown or a cage is the size. Lightly grease the outside of a stainless steel mixing bowl (for a cage) or the outside of a ladle (for a crown) with solid shortening. Dip a fork into the caramel sugar syrup, lift it and zigzag it back and forth over the lightly greased surface. (Put a mitt on the hand holding the ladle or container in case some of the sugar drops.) Continue until the bowl or ladle is covered with enough caramel strings to form a cage or crown.

Wait for a few seconds after applying the last few strings of caramel; then gently lift the form off. (If it is allowed to cool completely on the container or ladle, it will stick to it and perhaps crack when removed.)

Store in an airtight metal container at room temperature for a couple of hours before placing it on a dessert.