Jam or Curd Tarts



There are three ways to make these simplest of tarts, two of which, to my mind, work best, but it is all a matter of taste.

If you bake the jam with the pastry it will bubble Vesuvially, which may be what you like, up and over the pastry rims. It will also taste cooked.

Alternatively, you can cook the pastry cases first, then add the heated jams when the cases come out of the oven.

The third way, my preferred way, which gives you a rawer, more intense flavour, is to cook the pastry then plop in the jam. It glistens seductively, you can pile in more with no fear of it erupting, and the tarts taste really fruity.

These traffic light tarts are the way to go, no child doesn’t want to choose a colour, then another, then another.

Fortnum’s delectable curds shouldn’t be cooked, they are cooked, so they should be added to the cooked pastry. Best chilled too. The raspberry curd is my tart, tart favourite, then the rhubarb, but the lemon and the lime are both divine.

Roll out 180g/190g pastry and cut out 2 dozen little tarts, pushing them into the greased tart tins.

Prick the bottoms and edges with a fork and brush lightly with beaten egg for colour and crispness. Bake for 12–15 minutes at 180°C/Gas 4 then remove to a rack and plop on the jams and curds.