Coconut Jam Toast with Poached Eggs and Dark Soy Sauce

Kaya Toast


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    for breakfast

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Southeast Asian Flavors: Adventures in Cooking the Foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore

Southeast Asian Flavors

By Robert Danhi

Published 2008

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Ya Kun Kaya, the ultimate Singaporean kopitiam (coffee shop) focuses on tradition. Through a back window, I spied the old man, effortlessly toasting bread over glowing charcoal. Nuances of woodsy flavor can impregnate bread from the essence of smoke. Next, he slathers on creamy coconut custard. The aroma of pandan and coconut waft through the open window. He adds a generous helping of butter to the warm sandwich before closing it up, halving it, and sending it out to it’s lucky owner.

Crunching down on the sweet sandwich and sipping dense black coffee with condensed milk is almost overstimulation. But ethereally soft poached eggs push me over the edge with a sprinkle of white pepper and dash of dark soy sauce. Dip, crunch, sip....oh what a rhythm.

Since Malaysian coffee is not yet available in the USA you can substitute with either Thai coffee or Vietnamese coffee. While we were testing recipes relentlessly my sous chef Ari discovered the wondrous taste of ginger snap cookies dipped in kaya.


  • 8 lg. Eggs, room temperature
  • 2 qt. Water, boiling
  • 8 slices White bread, optional to remove crusts
  • ¼ lb. (113 g.) Salted butter, sliced, about ⅛ inch (0.3 cm.) thick
  • 1 recipe Kaya (creamy coconut and pandan custard)
  • 4 tsp. Dark soy sauce as needed Ground white pepper


  1. Cook eggs: Arrange eggs in a heat-proof container, small enough so they are stacked in two layers. Slowly pour 2 quarts (2 L.) boiling water over the eggs; cover tightly (it’s no problem if some crack). Leave eggs undisturbed to cook for 20 minutes; drain. Gently crack eggs around entire circumference. Break the shells open over 4 shallow bowls, releasing the barely cooked egg gently. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in warm area.
  2. Meanwhile make toast: While the eggs are poaching, toast eight pieces of bread, slather 2 tsp. of custard (kaya), onto each slice. Evenly distribute butter among four slices; sandwich with kaya-coated bread. Cut each sandwich into half and stack on plate.
  3. To serve: Drizzle each dish of eggs with 1 tsp. of dark soy sauce and large pinch of white pepper. Serve with some strong coffee sweetened with condensed milk.