Robert Danhi

Robert Danhi

Curator of cultures
Robert Danhi is a thirty-four year veteran of the F&B industry and has operated restaurants, was a chef-instructor at the CIA, is an award winning Southeast Asian cookbook author, TV show host and has become an industry thought leader in R&D throughout the innovation process. Chef Danhi honed his cooking skills in restaurant positions Los Angeles to Hawaii beginning as dishwasher and working his way up to Executive Chef. Robert discovered his lifelong passion for education at the Southern California School of Culinary Arts in South Pasadena as the Executive Chef Instructor and Director of Education. In 1998, he returned to his alma mater as a faculty member at Culinary Institute of America teaching more that twenty-five courses during his tenure. Bringing all his passions and expertise together in 2005, Robert founded Chef Danhi & Co Inc., a consulting firm based in Los Angeles. They focus on menu and product research & development, sales and marketing support, and educational and training programs with F&B organizations around the world by leveraging his R&D kitchens in Los Angeles and Malaysia. He is an active member of the Research Chefs Association, was on the Board of Directors and co-chaired the education committee. In 2014, Robert published, authored and photographed his first book, Southeast Asian Flavors, a James Bread finalist that takes readers on a deep-dive into the people, places and foods of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. This curator of cultures was invited to host Taste of Vietnam, a 26-episode TV docuseries exploring nineteen provinces of Vietnam and broadcasted globally in twenty countries in three languages. Robert was recruited as a main judge for all 17-episodes of Top Chef Vietnam. His most recent book Easy Thai Cooking showcases simple recipes that result in the genuine flavors of Thailand. Robert has been utilizing multimedia capturing technology to curate and share flavor experiences for last two decades. In 2015, his team began building the Flavor360™ software platform to create tools for the Food & Beverage industry’s Innovation Teams of Marketers, R&D Chefs, Product Developers, and Food Scientists. In 2019 he co-founded Flavor360™ Solutions Inc. and they recently launched Flavor360° EXPLORE, the first of a suite of apps and cloud-based Flavor360™ to plan, discover, capture, archive, analyze and share the 360 degree flavor experience at every stage of the R&D process.
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