Quick Curried Sauce for Cold Chicken or Turkey

Cold chicken or turkey is often dry and sometimes rather tasteless but nevertheless whether it is after Christmas or after Sunday lunch we often have it left over. This very quickly made sauce has a good and unusual taste and really makes the cold meat more interesting It is also very good for parties as it can be spread all over the meat on a large dish well in advance and will not go dried up or discoloured. It has a shiny bloom and looks very appetising decorated with chopped parsley. Patak’s Tikka paste is an optional ingredient but it makes the sauce much better. You should be able to find it in most Indian grocers and it is very useful to have in your store cupboard for brushing on grills, roasts, or things you are going to barbecue – in fact whenever you feel you would like an Indian taste to your meal. Make the quantity of sauce according to the amount of cold chicken or turkey you want to cover with it.

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  • one third mayonnaise (a good, bought kind will do if you do not have time to make any)
  • two thirds plain yoghurt
  • lemon juice – to taste
  • curry paste (available in jars at Indian grocers) – added to taste
  • Patak’s Tikka paste
  • salt


Carve the bird as thinly as possible and arrange the slices on a flat dish. Mix the mayonnaise and yoghurt smoothly together. Stir in the lemon juice, curry paste, Tikka paste and salt to taste. Pour and spread the sauce all over the meat. Decorate with chopped parsley and perhaps some nuts or sesame seeds if you have any.