Summer Fruit on Yoghurt and Whipped Cream with Hard Sugar Top

Oh, the thrill of summer fruit! The excitement of the first glossy red cherries after the endless apples and oranges of grey winter! A simple bowl of summer fruit which you have with cream or lemon juice is perfect. This recipe is a pretty and delicious variation.


  • Β½ pint whipping cream or (double) cream (275 ml)
  • Β½ pint plain yoghurt (275 ml)
  • 1–1Β½ lb strawberries or raspberries or stoned cherries (450–700 g)
  • 3–4 oz caster sugar (75–110 g)


Whip up the cream. Mix in the yoghurt, sweetened with a little caster sugar. Spread the mixture on a large flat oval or round dish. Arrange the strawberries, raspberries or cherries on top. Boil up about 3 or 4 oz of caster sugar (75–110 g) with a little water until a drop on a plate goes hard quickly as it cools. Do not boil it so much that it goes brown. Pour the boiled sugar in quick strips over the fruit so it looks all shiny. Serve not more than 2 hours later. Usually a little of the hard sugar melts before you serve it but there are still crackly bits which make a very good contrast with the soft fruit and cream.