Fresh Fruit Pudding

This pudding can be made with almost any fresh fruit of the moment, rhubarb, apple, gooseberries and all the summer fruits, apricots etc. Sharp fruits like rhubarb or blackcurrant are particularly good. It can feed a large number of people and can be made the day before so it is very good for busy Sunday lunches etc.


  • Victoria sandwich cake mixture using 3 eggs
  • 1–2 lb fresh uncooked fruit (450–900 g)
  • caster sugar
  • redcurrant jelly


Heat oven to Gas 4–5 (350°F/180°C–375°F/190°C). Make a Victoria sandwich mixture (you can use wholemeal self-raising flour if you like which gives a nice nutty taste to the fruit). Put it into a greased flan-quiche dish. A medium sized china one with ripply edges is best for this. Completely cover the uncooked cake mixture with raw fruit (chopped up small if it is rhubarb, apples, apricots etc.), and sprinkle caster sugar over the top. Put it in the middle of the oven for ½ to 1 hour or until the cake has risen and enveloped all the fruit and is springy to touch and golden brown (it may take longer than an hour). Melt enough redcurrant jelly in a pan to spread over the top while the pudding is still warm. Cool and serve in slices with cream.