Caramel Mousse

Although this pudding looks and tastes quite elaborate it is a clever deceit because it is really very easy and cheap. It is popular for family lunches or with a spot of brandy can be made quite β€˜grown up’ for dinner parties! You can boil up several tins of condensed milk in advance and keep them in your store cupboard so that the pudding is then almost instant to make when you want it.


  • 1 14 oz tin of condensed milk (400 g)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • milk to dilute
  • whisked whites of 2 eggs
  • (adult version brandy added to taste)


Boil the unopened tin of condensed milk in water in a covered pan for about three hours. Check the water from time to time to see that it is not boiling away. Cool. Open tin and empty the caramelised contents into a mixing bowl with the lemon juice, added gradually. Mix up well and if it is a very stiff mixture add a bit of milk until it is smooth and fairly thick. Fold in the whisked whites of egg and put into a bowl. Serve with sponge fingers or those Langues de Chats biscuits – it is very rich so I do not think you need cream. For the adult version I add a bit of brandy to taste, before folding in the whites of egg, and I sprinkle some chopped nuts on the top.