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    Blocks, 5 × 3 in 127 × 76 mm

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As in the previous recipe, any combination of fruits and nuts can be used.

Ingredients Metric US Volume
Hazelnuts, skinned 84 g 3.0 oz cups
Almonds 108 g 3.8 oz ½ cup
Pistachios 72 g 2.5 oz ½ cup
Dried cranberries 72 g 2.5 oz ½ cup
Dried cherries 72 g 2.5 oz ½ cup
Candied orange peel, chopped 72 g 2.5 oz ½ cup
Milk, white, or dark couverture, tempered 1000 g 35.3 oz 7 cups + 2 tbsp
1480 g 52.1 oz


1 Roast the hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios at 340&F/171.1&C until golden brown. Be careful with the pistachios, as they roast quickly. Let cool. Chop nuts if needed to fit into molds.

2 Place the nuts and fruits in 5 × 3–in/127 × 76–mm block-style molds.

3 Pipe the tempered couverture over the nuts and fruits and place in the refrigerator for minutes to set.

4 Flip the mold over, and the chocolate will naturally come out.

5 Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


Sprinkle the roasted nuts and fruits on a 13 × 18–in/330 × 458–mm half-sheet pan and pipe the tempered couverture over them to create Fruit and Nut Bark.