Different Flavors of Gianduja

The flavor of gianduja is dependent on the ingredients used to make it. The most important factor in determining flavor is choosing the right type of nut. Also important are the roasting process used for the nuts and the type of chocolate used. A variety of nuts can be used, but all should have a fat percentage of 50% or more. Some nuts can be roasted longer for a stronger flavor, while others should be roasted more lightly to achieve the desired flavor. Below are some sample flavor combinations that work well for gianduja.

Nut Fat % Roast Chocolate
Almonds 45–50 Golden Brown Dark, 63%
Hazelnuts 50–60 Golden Brown Dark, 63%
Walnuts 50–55 Lightly Roasted Dark, 63%
Pistachios 50–54 Lightly Roasted Dark, 63%
Peanuts 40–50 Golden Brown Dark, 63%
Coconut 55–65 Lightly Roasted Dark, 63%


The most commonly recommended chocolate for making gianduja is 63% dark couverture. However, gianduja can also be made with milk chocolate or even white chocolate, using the same method steps listed. To ensure that the gianduja is firm and not too sweet, the amount of sugar must be reduced slightly and cocoa butter must be added when making milk or white gianduja.