Three-Color Cigarettes


Place two or three strips of tape onto the marble, spaced according to the desired design. Spread the first layer of chocolate. Immediately drag a fine-tooth comb across the chocolate, straight across or in a zigzag or wave motion. As soon as the chocolate sets, spoon a contrasting color of chocolate onto it and use an offset spatula to spread thin. Remove the strips of tape, then spread a third color of chocolate over the top. Shape the edges, hand warm, and shave into cigarettes per above.

  • – Drizzle red-colored chocolate onto the combed dark chocolate.

  • – Use an offset spatula to thinly spread the colored chocolate.

  • – Remove the strips of tape.

  • – Cover with a thin layer of white chocolate and clean the edges.

  • – Once the chocolate has set, press down with a knife to shave off cigarettes.

  • – Three-color cigarettes with a reverse candy cane design.

Note: If the marble is cold, white chocolate should be used first since it sets more slowly than dark chocolate, allowing more time to work with it.