Chocolate Shavings


Chocolate shavings can be used as a décor element for showpieces, and they are useful for hiding imperfections. They are often used to surround flowers instead of leaves. They can be made from any type or color of chocolate.


  1. Spread a thin layer of tempered chocolate directly onto a marble with an offset spatula. Clean the edges with a triangle spatula to form a sharp rectangle.
  2. Once the chocolate sets, rub your hand over it to warm it and to increase elasticity.
  3. Use a triangle scraper to shave off the chocolate in a fast, curving outward motion.

  • – Simple one-color shavings.

  • – Warm the thinly spread chocolate with your hand to increase elasticity.

  • – Immediately clean the edges to form a sharp rectangle.

  • – Use triangle scraper to shave off the chocolate using a fast, curving motion.

Note: White chocolate sets more slowly than dark chocolate, allowing more time to shave it off as compared to the dark chocolate.