Chocolate Curls

Chocolate spiral and triangle curls can be used as decoration on cakes, tarts, or plated desserts or on chocolate showpieces.


  1. Drizzle one or more colors of cocoa butter onto a piece of acetate. The cocoa butter should be on the warm side (88° to 90°F/31.1° to 32.2°C) since it will be smeared, forcing crystallization.
  2. Use an offset spatula to smear the colored cocoa butter across the acetate. Stop smearing before the cocoa butter sets to avoid forcing crystallization and reducing the shine.
  3. Drizzle tempered milk or dark chocolate over the smeared colored cocoa butter.
  4. Cover the drizzled chocolate with tempered white chocolate, and use an offset spatula to evenly spread the white chocolate to cover the sheet. If using dark chocolate instead of white for this step, the cocoa butter and drizzled chocolate should be sprayed with white cocoa butter first so that the colored cocoa butter shows through.
  5. Right after the chocolate has set, use an Exacto knife to cut it into triangles 4 in/100 mm long by in/38 mm wide, making sure not to cut through the acetate (see template).
  6. While the chocolate is still pliable, place a sheet of parchment paper over the chocolate and curl the “sandwich” at an angle. Refrigerate for a few minutes to force the crystallization.
  7. Release the acetate right before using to protect the shiny surface from dust and daylight. If the curls are needed immediately, remove the plastic slowly to retain the shine.

  • – Drizzle red and orange tempered cocoa butter onto the acetate.

  • – Drizzle tempered dark chocolate over the smeared colored cocoa butter.

  • – Cover with thin layer of tempered white chocolate.

  • – Carefully cut the triangle shapes, being careful not to cut through the acetate.

  • – Place a sheet of parchment paper over the chocolate and curl it at an angle.

  • – Release the curls from the acetate.