Fettuccini Curls

Like the spiral cones above, these curls are an effective way to decorate any showpiece, cake, or dessert. These curls are finer in size and give a delicate look.


  1. Using an offset spatula, spread a thin layer of chocolate onto a strip of acetate 6 to 8 in/150 to 200 mm long by 3 in/76 mm wide.
  2. Immediately draw a fine-tooth comb across the chocolate.
  3. Before the chocolate sets, lift up the piece of acetate and twist, chocolate side in, into the desired curl shape.
  4. Place the curled acetate into a piece of PVC or cardboard pipe and let set at room temperature. If needed immediately, place in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Leave the acetate on the chocolate until the curl is needed, as it will protect the chocolate from dust and will keep it shiny for a longer time.