Creating Cut-Out Flowers

A variety of simple flowers can be created from modeling paste by using different sized cutters to achieve the desired shapes.


  1. Roll out the modeling chocolate to β…›-in/3-mm thickness or less, and use flower cutters to cut out shapes.
  2. Swirl a ballpoint tool gently into the center of each cut-out shape to create the body of the flower.
  3. Use an airbrush and water-based airbrush color to color the flowers as desired.
  4. Pipe white chocolate inside each flower to create the stamen.
  5. Sprinkle granulated sugar over the flowers before the chocolate fully sets.
  6. If desired, use a different shape cutter to create additional cut-outs for the base of the flowers. Attach the flowers to the bases using a dot of melted chocolate. It is best to use untempered chocolate here because it will set more slowly than tempered chocolate, giving you time to pipe dots onto a whole tray of flowers and set the pieces together before the piped chocolate sets.

  • – Use a flower cutter to create simple flower shapes.

  • – Using a ballpoint tool, swirl gently into the paste to create the body of the flower.

  • – Regular water-based color can be airbrushed on to the flower.

  • – Sprinkle sugar over the freshly piped chocolate inside the flower before it sets.

  • – Different shapes can be used to create bases for the flowers.

  • – Finished modeling chocolate flowers.