Paper Flowers

This technique involves using paper cutouts to shape the chocolate petals. This is a very easy technique that can be used to create large flowers.


  1. Cut out the desired shape and size petals from a sheet of copy paper and place the cutouts flat on the marble. Pipe tempered chocolate onto the paper petals. You will need to pipe approximately 40 petals to create the flower, with a mixture of small and large petals.
  2. Use an offset spatula to spread the chocolate evenly over the paper cutouts to a thickness of less than 1/16 in/1.5 mm.
  3. As soon as the chocolate begins to set, use a paring knife to lift the chocolate-covered paper petals from the marble. The excess chocolate should come away easily as you lift up the paper cutouts.
  4. Immediately shape each petal by holding the paper-covered side and gently bending the outer edges.
  5. Let the chocolate set completely, for about 5 minutes, then remove the paper from each chocolate petal.
  6. Set a Styrofoam square on the marble and cover it with a piece of parchment paper. This will help keep the temperature of the chocolate steady, since the marble may be too cold. Place a metal ring around the Styrofoam square to serve as a support for the flower petals.
  7. Using an offset spatula, spread tempered chocolate onto the marble to approximately β…› in/3 mm thick. Use a metal cutter to cut out a circle about 3 in/76 mm in diameter, and let set for about 5 minutes. Place the chocolate disc on the Styrofoam. On another Styrofoam square covered with parchment paper, pipe another circle of tempered chocolate to use for dipping the petals.
  8. Dip each petal into the melted chocolate and place onto the chocolate disc, starting at the outside with the largest petals and working your way in, to build the flower. Place the petals flat on the circle, overlapping each one slightly over the last. If desired, spray the flower with cold spray after attaching each petal to freeze them in place immediately and keep them from moving around as you add the subsequent petals. Use the smallest petals in the center to finish the flower.
  9. Place the completed flower in the freezer for five to ten minutes.
  10. Remove the flower from the freezer and, if using dark or milk chocolate, immediately use an airbrush to spray it with white cocoa butter. Priming the chocolate by spraying it with white cocoa butter before spraying on a color will help to intensify whatever color is used next.
  11. Use an airbrush to spray the desired color cocoa butter over the white primer. If the flower is sprayed immediately after removal from the freezer, it will create a velvet sheen because the cocoa butter will set immediately upon contact with the flower. If the color is not applied fast enough, the tips of the petals can defrost and the chocolate will become shiny instead of maintaining a velvet texture. You may want to keep a cold spray on hand to keep the chocolate cold throughout the spraying process. Spray with the desired color of cocoa butter.

  • – Spread chocolate onto the paper petals and remove the petals from the table once the chocolate starts to set.

  • – Shape the petal by gently bending the outside in.

  • – Once the chocolate has completely crystallized, remove the paper.

  • – Start to attach the petals to the base from the outside in, supporting the first row with a ring.

  • – To increase efficiency, cold spray may be used after attaching each petal.

  • – Finish the flower with smaller petals.