Birds of Paradise


These tropical flowers are created using both acetate and paper cutouts to achieve a contrast between shiny and dull pieces of chocolate. They are an ideal decoration for an exotic showpiece.


  1. To create the base, cut out a piece of acetate in a leaf shape 6 in/150 mm long. Dampen the marble with a little bit of water and place the acetate cutout on the marble. Brush the acetate with yellow cocoa butter and let it set. Then brush with red cocoa butter and let it set. Finish with a coat of green cocoa butter and let the colored cocoa butters set completely.
  2. If using dark chocolate, brush a layer of white cocoa butter over the colored cocoa butters. This will help the colors to show up much better.
  3. Pipe tempered dark chocolate onto the acetate cutout, then spread with a spatula to about 1/16 in/1.5 mm thick. Dark chocolate should always be used for the base of this flower, as the base must be able to hold the weight of the other components and dark chocolate is stronger than white or milk chocolate.
  4. As the chocolate begins to set, use a paring knife to release the acetate from the table. Fold it in half to form it into an oblong shape with the acetate on the outside. Leave an opening approximately 1 in/25 mm wide at the open end.
  5. To form the petals, cut out petals at least 5 in/127 mm long from a piece of copy paper and place on the marble. Pipe tempered white chocolate onto the petals and spread with a spatula.
  6. As soon as the chocolate begins to set, use a paring knife to release the paper petals from the table. Immediately fold each petal in half lengthwise with the paper on the outside, being careful not to make a crease.
  7. Once the white chocolate is completely set, remove the paper from the petals. Dip one end of each petal into tempered dark chocolate and insert the dipped end into the base. Repeat with the rest of the petals, attaching them right next to one another with the open ends facing in the same direction, until they fill the full length of the base.
  8. Use an airbrush to spray water color onto the petals. If desired, use more water color on the tips of the petals to create a shaded effect from top to bottom. Because the petals were made with paper, they will absorb water color easily and do not require the use of colored cocoa butter.
  9. Wrap the base in a layer of aluminum foil to help keep it cold and shiny. Using the technique, create chocolate cigarettes slightly longer than the height of the petals. Dip each chocolate cigarette in tempered chocolate and insert into the base of the flower in between the petals.
  10. Use an airbrush to spray the cigarettes with white cocoa butter and let set.
  11. Leave the acetate and foil on the base of the flower until it is ready to use, and store at room temperature. The acetate will protect the base from fingerprints, spray color, and dust. When the flower is ready to be attached to a showpiece, remove the foil and the acetate, then attach the flower as desired.

  • – Brush yellow cocoa butter onto the acetate, followed by red, green, and white.

  • – Release the petal from the table and form into an oblong shape.

  • – Release the white chocolate petal from the table and bend in half, paper-side out.

  • – Dip each petal in dark chocolate and attach inside the base.

  • – Place the chocolate cigarettes in between the petals.

  • – Spray the cigarettes with white-colored cocoa butter.