Carving Duck or Goose


Small ducks can be simply jointed into quarters for serving but I prefer the long, narrow slices of breast meat achieved by normal carving. Larger ducks and geese are carved as below. Remember that because of the high bone content on these birds there is much less meat on them than on other poultry.

To carve a stuffed boned duck remove the trussing strings and cut crosswise in neat, thin slices. If you make the stuffing with colourful ingredients this looks attractive presented on a pretty plate on a buffet table.


  1. A long thin-bladed knife is useful for carving a duck or goose. Pull the wings and legs away from the body and cut firmly through the joints. Put the legs to one side for carving later. Wings on ducks have little meat and are not usually served.

  2. Neatly cut the breast meat in long thin slices, working the full length of the carcase from the sides up towards the breastbone. Remove the slices carefully holding them between the carving knife and fork.

  3. large duck and goose legs can be carved into further pieces as for larger chickens or turkeys. Cut the leg into 2 pieces, thigh and drumstick, by slicing down between the joint. Cut slices off the drumstick and cut the thigh into several pieces.