Home-made Yogurt

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The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen

By Mary Norwak

Published 1991

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Yogurt can be made at home without elaborate equipment, but unpasteurised milk is essential, so milk must be obtained straight from the cow. For a family of four, a week’s supply of yogurt can be made from four pints of milk. Besides the milk, a little genuine live yogurt is needed, as a ‘starter’.

Use a large casserole with a well-fitting lid, and be sure the dish retains heat well. Put the milk into a saucepan, and bring it just to the boil. Pour it immediately into the casserole and cover with the lid. Leave the milk until it is just cool enough to leave your finger in for a little while. Add a teaspoon of the live yogurt and stir gently.

Put on the lid, wrap the casserole in a blanket, and put it in a place which remains gently warm, such as an airing cupboard. Leave overnight, and the yogurt should be set, in which case it will ‘cut’ like a junket. If it is not successful, it is probably because the milk was either too hot or too cold when the ‘starter’ was added. (A spoonful of this yogurt when successful can be used to ‘start’ a new batch.)

Junket or renneted curd is very like yogurt although it lends itself more to sweet flavours.