38 Shrimp in Sherry Sauce

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Recipe to produce 4 portions U.S.A. Imperial Metric
Jumbo shrimp, raw (“green”) 16 16 16
Salt To season To season To season
White peppercorns To season To season 230 milliliters
Butter 7 tbsp. 3 oz. To season
Medium dry sherry ½ cup 4 fl. oz. 85 grams
Egg yolks 3 3 115 milliliters
Cream 1 cup 8 fl. oz. 3
Lemon To garnish To garnish To garnish
Parsley To garnish To garnish To garnish
Cayenne pepper To garnish To garnish To garnish


Method of Preparation

Cut shrimp in half lengthways—warm the sherry—mix cream and yolks—cut lemon into wedges—finely chop parsley.

Method of Cookery

  1. Season shrimp well with ground peppercorns and salt.
  2. Toss in butter in frying pan until well coated.
  3. Add sherry. Boil rapidly to reduce.
  4. When almost boiled away, add yolks and cream, stirring all the time off the heat. When all is added, return to a gentle heat. Do NOT boil.
  5. When thickened, spoon shrimp and sauce into a rice nest. Dust with cayenne and parsley.
  6. Serve with lemon wedges.


Serve with plain Boiled Rice and a tossed green Salad. Serve a good dry white wine, nicely chilled.